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Writing and designing, conveying and persuading, branding and image building, creating and innovating, marketing and networking …


These verbs are as important to future growth and opportunity for your organization as are the nouns that define your products and services. Verbs are ‘action words.’ Who ‘does the doing’ of these very important verbs? We do! It’s our passion. It’s in our thoughts, in our hearts, in our spirit, and it comes out in our work.

What will Graceful Communications bring to you?

The answer to this question will begin to emerge after our initial exploratory chat. Though informal and conversational, our exploratory chat centers on asking the right questions about your business, your priorities, your challenges and how we may bring your future business opportunities into the here and now through the right repertoire of communication instruments. This exploratory chat is summarized in writing in the GraComm Objective Summary.   

And, what about the workplace?

If having focused, productive employees -- at all paygrades and levels of the organization -- is important to your bottom line, you owe it to yourself to check out our Be A Money Smarty education program. 
How can employee education and wellness contribute to your bottom line?   Our Be A Money Smarty program will bring focus and productivity to your workforce, at all levels of the organization.  Complete details may be found in the Be A Money Smarty section of our site.  We welcome an exploratory conversation to discuss the myriad ways in which this program can transform your workplace.
Kelly Masters

GraComm Objective Summary

This bullet-point summary document provides a quick and easily-referenced outline of the agreed-upon objectives of your business communications initiative. Included in this statement is:

  • Itemization of objectives
  • Itemization of desired outcomes
  • Special circumstances or factors
  • What instruments may be part of your communication repertoire
  • An estimation of the schedule and sequence for implementation

What follows the GraComm Objective Summary is the GraComm Audit.

GraComm Audit.

Everything outward-facing represents you and your organization’s brand. Periodically reviewing how you communicate with those who matter most is essential to increase the vibrancy and profitability of your business. 


Whether it’s business or personal, the quality of our relationships is affected by perception and interpretation. Communication that is consistent, straightforward and clear ensures that your organization will be perceived accurately and interpreted favorably.   Inconsistent, garbled or out-dated communication erodes a business’s brand and its potential for future growth and opportunity.


Click here to learn more about how we address this vital component of your business through our GraComm Audit.

Other Thoughts-Starters

Brand Image & Messaging.
Have you reviewed all your organization's communication instruments recently to ensure your brand image and messages are consistent? 

From telephone greetings, email signatures and form letters, to client communications systems, signage and lobby-speak, we can help you tighten up all of the ways your organization is received.

Does your website present your organization in the best possible light?  We can help you review and improve your existing website, with an objective outsider's eye -- or build a website for you. We'll also help you figure out the best ways to drive qualified traffic to your business.
Social Media Marketing.
Do you realize you need to embrace the 'social media scene,' but don't have the time, personnel or know-how to do it yourself?  We can work with you to establish, and then maintain, a presence with facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, and/or YouTube for you.  Your clients and prospects are there. Are you?
Event Planning & Marketing.
Are you planning a grand (re-)opening?  An open house?  A client appreciation event?  Take advantage of our event planning experience. We can assist with your outreach efforts and help pull together a truly memorable experience for your guests.
When was the last time you had a really great  'sell sheet' or proposal template that effectively conveyed your capabilities?  Let us create customizable templates for your staff to utilize and keep your image pure.
Everything starts with you. How are you staying in touch with past, current and prospective clients? What are the specific needs of your organization?  Let's sit down and chat about your challenges and goals. It all begins with an open, exploratory discussion. Together we'll figure out the best ways to advance your agenda.

Strategic Graceful Partnerships.

Developed over the past two decades, our Strategic Graceful Partnerships allow us move your agenda forward, no matter the area of business that needs our focus. Read more here.  

What Others Are Saying.

Those who've worked with us in the past share their experiences with you, here.

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