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GraComm Audit

This comprehensive analysis of your communications instruments consists of a three-part process:


  • Part one: Target(s). Who are your target audiences and what are their needs
  • Part two: Content. What is being communicated and how it’s being communicated
  • Part two: Aesthetics. Quality of appearance and/or sound

Your GraComm Audit will include an analysis of the following:

  • the needs of your target audience(s)
  • printed marketing materials
  • electronic media such as website, social media, email marketing
  • frequently-used written correspondence
  • telephone and/or voicemail
  • email correspondence
  • signage, entrance
  • lobby, waiting room, and/or showroom
  • other outward-facing instruments unique to your organization 

From your GraComm Audit we will determine which of your existing instruments are effective, which instruments require modification or expansion, and what kinds of instruments need to be developed to create a differentiating and effective communications repertoire.

Lastly, we agree upon a plan for execution that includes project prioritization and timelines for completion.

Kelly Masters