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Strategic Graceful Partnerships


Over the years, we have developed a robust network of other professional service providers who are expert in their respective areas, and will assist us with your organization's needs, including: 

  • If we decide you need assistance with your company promotional items, graphic design, or website development, we'll work with our preferred providers on your behalf.

  • If finding the right talent for your organization is what you need, we'll leverage those relationships and work through the recruiting and staffing experts we trust to serve you best.

  • If traditional or non-traditional mass media is what we decide is needed to accomplish your business growth or marketing goals, our media buying partners will be there to help.

  • If your organization would benefit from a no-cost purchasing and accounting audit, to uncover cost savings opportunities, recover unrealized revenue, or improve your business processes, we have a proven partner for this as well.

  • If during our due diligence we discover you could use professional business accounting, tax or bookkeeping services, or QuickBooks training for your existing staff, our trusted CPA partner is ready to assist.

  • Is your company relocating employees? Our corporate real estate partner provides the corporate and transferree services you need.

  • If the face of your organization needs a lift, our furniture, decor and cleaning services partners can work within your budget to bring you up to snuff.


Chief Dot Connector
Kelly Masters