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Be A Money Smarty!  

This 60-minute made-for-television financial education program is now available for your personal use. This non-commercial program gives you the top things you need to know about identity theft prevention, annuities and long-term care, establishing and maintaining credit, and how to get and keep control over your finances. Created and moderated by Mark B. Robinson, Be A Money Smarty aired on Detroit Public Television July 23, 2013.  Contact us to make purchase arrangements.

Social Media Marketing:

What is Social Media Marketing?  Need 'proof' that you should use social media in your communications strategy?  Take the next three minutes to watch/listen to the "Social Media Marketing in 3 minutes" video. Let us help you establish your message online.


What in the world is a Blog? And, why on earth do you need one? Below is a three minute video, "Blogs in Plain English," to give you the low-down on 'blogging.' Once you realize you should be doing it, and don't have the time (or perhaps the personal interest) to follow through, let us execute yours for you.

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