our passion is conveying yours...









our passion is conveying yours...

Who's Been Graced?

Question to self: What am I doing to make the world a better place? 


As a professional, I am excited when granted the opportunity to assist business leaders improve their image, develop and execute their communications plan, create the right repertoire of marketing instruments, and grow their organization in a meaningful and well-managed fashion. 


I am grateful to have the following clients and associates who offered to share their experience with me, with you.

With nearly a decade of major media experience and even more in non-profit settings, all Graceful Communications clients benefit from our unique blend of major-market advertising experience and non-profit philosophy about resources.


You can take advantage of our ability to leverage resources and maximize impact.  We are acutely aware of -- and sensitive to -- the need of most organizations to accomplish much with limited budgets and time.

Kelly Masters
♦ outward-facing communications ♦ brand development ♦ marketing ♦ creative writing ♦ traditional advertising ♦ digital and social media ♦ written correspondence ♦ visual identifiers ♦ sonic logos ♦ strategic planning ♦ segment differentiation ♦ guerilla marketing ♦ image review ♦ client touch points ♦ special events planning and execution ♦